Programs & Services

Ever Well EnclavesSM are consciously designed to maximize the benefits of the modern treatment community.

Integral compassion for human dignity drives every interaction at Ever Well.

Ever Well’s Resources for RecoverySM include community living supports, crisis reconciliation, targeted residential treatment, and extended care recovery programs located in and around our regional enclaves.

By aligning clinical care pathways, cutting-edge technology and attention to client well-being, our modern treatment community model encourages clients to expand expectations and believe in themselves.

All referrals for placement can be faxed to our Admission Team to determine if Ever Well's services can support the applicant's recovery. Referral partners can request a New Residential Placement Form to provide basic information and schedule a time to speak with an Admission Coordinator.

Once an applicant is accepted the referring party will be contacted and an interview with the client will be scheduled to complete an initial assessment.

Days and Hours of Operation

Ever Well EnclavesSM operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Each location has trained staff to provide care and supervision of our residents.

Ever Well’s Resources for RecoverySM  are available during normal business hours Monday through Saturday and 24 hour on-call assistance is available when pre-arranged with the client's care provider.