Enclave at the Foothills – Terra Bella, CA

Program Profile

Enclave at the Foothills (CCL# 547208243)

The Enclave at the Foothills is slated to be a premiere modern treatment community in the foothills of the Sequoia National Forest. The program plans to serves individuals ages 18 and over. “The Foothills” is located on a 50 acre community campus and will encompass several programs and services, a chapel, event center and a regional emergency relocation site. Future development will include on-campus employee housing as well as an education and training center for human services professionals working for Ever Well Health Systems.

Planned services include an intermediate adult residential program that provides our highest level of integrated care and services from well-trained, professional and understanding staff. We provide intensively focused behavioral supports and interventions that assist individuals to build positive coping and living skills. The basic services we offer create meaningful daily structure and complement an array of enhanced reintegration skill building.

Everything from sustained abstinence of substance use, building life skills, replacing self-destructive patterns, and healing from trauma can be addresses at “The Foothills” in an atmosphere of resiliency and improved self-esteem.

Ever Well Health Systems is proud to offer this unique Enclave as a place to explore constructive expression, develop positive relationships, and enhance coping and living skills. We welcome inquires about placement and our program enhancements by contacting info@everwellhealth.org.

  • People We Serve— Adults (18 and over) experiencing a primary behavioral health issue that may be acute as well as persistent and would benefit from and integrated treatment model.
  • Referrals and Admissions—Individuals may be self-referred as well as referred by contracted local mental health plans, hospitals and sub-acute placements, family members, or the courts. However, all referrals must meet specific admission criteria and must also demonstrate that the individual would benefit from our program and services.
  • Fees and Funding—Ever Well program fees are negotiated in advance and all or some of the program costs may be covered by local county mental health plans, other 3rd party insurers, or Medicare/Medi-Cal. We accept SSI for basic room and board as well as care and supervision. All additional fees are determined after an initial screening is completed by our professional staff.
  • Office Hours and Tours— Visitors, families, clients, and care managers may contact the Administrator and Business Office Monday-Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Please contact us for a current schedule of tours, events and other trainings.

Contact Information

Please use these lines for referrals.
PH: (805) 242-0135 or EMAIL: admissions@everwellhealth.org
Administrative Contact: Cynthia Wildman, cwildman@everwellhealth.org